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  • 09 July 2012

    Système U Ouest selects Norbert Dentressangle for new fresh food logistics hub


  • 04 July 2012

    Norbert Dentressangle expands geographic footprint with freight forwarding acquisition


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  • On one hand the waiting was over, on the other, whatever was planned for them they weren't likely to enjoy.
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  • I didn't paddle the belly-boat over and try for him earlier because I was afraid he'd spook.
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    Mystified, Phoebe went back to the larger cabin, leaving Sir Nugent to maintain a watch over his stepson.
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  • 23 July 2012

    Norbert Dentressangle renews partnership with Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) to provide transport for the Tour de France

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    Not from having to deal with his own ignorance, not from what it did to the first lad he treated so.
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    Norbert Dentressangle, the official transport provider for the Tour de France for the last 30 years, has extended its technical [...]